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The Fiddler’s villa is located in the center of the old city of Safed. In the vicinity, you will find synagogues, supermarkets, and parks.

up to 32 people / 22 adults + 10 children

In a 2-storey villa
9 bedrooms
22 beds + 10 folding beds
4 bathrooms
Dining room for up to 50 people
Fully equipped kitchen for Shabbat: plata + hot water earn + ovens + stove + refrigerators
Large yard + panoramic balcony on each floor.
Spectacular breathtaking views!

The Fiddlers Inn villa contains 22 beds + 10 folding beds

What’s in the violinist’s villa in the old city of Safed?

2 floors
9 rooms
22 beds + 10 folding beds and mattresses

What’s on the 1st floor:
2 bedrooms
Fully equipped kitchen for everyday and Shabbat
Dining room for up to 45 people
Sofa room
2 toilets
Balcony and courtyard with trampoline for children seating areas and swing

What’s on the 2nd floor:
7 bedrooms
2 services
Large balcony with panoramic views

Dining room: The dining room contains up to 50 people. The venue is perfect for small and special events with a special sense of old Safed. An event at Fiddler’s inn is inforgetable and will leave a taste of the holy city and Kabbalah.

Kitchen:  you will find a spacious and well-equipped kosher kitchen. 2 ovens, 2 refrigerators and a stove. On Shabbat you will find 3 hot plates, and 100 cup water earn.

In the old town of Safed you will find Fiddler’s inn villa, a unique stone house full of grace and character that you cannot remain calm to. You will find 2 floors with a spectacular, breathtaking view of the Galilee and a private yard with lovely plants.
The Fiddler’s inn villa is for families for Shabbat weekend and special events up to 30 places to stay.
The villa is also used for exciting boutique events for up to 60 people.
Bar mitzvahs and covenants alongside business events and special workshops.

The villa contains 9 unique bedrooms. The rooms are designed for accommodation for families who want a large location that contains all their family that dosen’t happen every day.
The Fiddler’s inn maintains a high level of cleanliness and aesthetics that you can enjoy to the end.
The villa is in the center of the old city of Safed. In the vicinity, you will find synagogues, supermarkets and parks.

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